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Mother superiors revenge – Ms Vivian Leigh – Religious, Impregnation Fantasy 4k

It is said that one cannot love God too much.
I devoted my life to him, and to the church. I followed the scripture and lived accordingly, with full faith and full trust in the lord.
However, he has taken advantage of my devotion, and he has taken advantage of my body. He has fed upon my flesh and inserted himself into my virgin being.

With this, I throw myself at the mercy of the church and tell them that I have become a victim of God, and of his lust.
They have cast me out.
I have been condemned to burn in hell for eternity, as I will be judged as a sinner. John the Baptist has rejected me, labeled me as tainted, no longer fit to serve the lord.
Fuck John the Baptist, Fuck God and Fuck the church.
First I will have my baby, and then I will have my REVENGE
Category: Mother and Son, incest video, mother son sex, Amateur,Pregnant, Religious, Impregnation Fantasy, Belly Fetish, Gothic, Ms Vivian Leigh

Duration: 00:11:04

Resolution: 3840×2160

Format: MPEG-4