Mother Pantyhose JOI Compilation FullHD mp4 [American / Seattle/1080p/2018]

Morning Masturbation with Mommy
It’s a typical hectic morning, I’m ready to walk out the door to drop you at school before I go to work. I ask if you’re ready: Did you brush your teeth? Pack your lunch?. Did you masturbate? You tell me you didn’t masturbate, and I remind you that at parent-teacher conferences your teacher told me you’re always distracted in class, drawing women’s legs in your notebook. In order to release some of the sexual energy, you must masturbate every morning. I know it’s getting late, but you have to do it. I tell you that I’ll wait for you in the car, but you beg me to let you look at my legs. We did that yesterday, and I don’t think it’s healthy for you to be so obsessed with mommy’s legs. But I’m going to be late for work, so I relent & tell you to start stroking. While you’re masturbating, I try to encourage you, to be sensual, but I keep getting annoyed & humiliating you for being attracted to my legs. I am disgusted & threaten to tell your father. I want you to cum fast, so I keep trying to reign in my annoyance, being sexy for my son while he gets off.

Impatient Mother JOI
It’s time to leave to meet my friends for dinner, but when I come into your room to check on you, not only are you not ready, but you’re masturbating. This is such as inappropriate time to be doing that. I pick up your toys & tell you to stop immediately & get ready to go. I start to leave the room, but you keep jerking off. I realize that you aren’t going to leave your room unless you cum, so I sit down & tell you that you have to hurry & finish. I keep looking at my watch, but you’re taking too long. I impatiently try to instruct you but it’s not working. You ask me to take my clothes off & I’m appalled. No way am I going to do that, young man! I can’t believe this is the son I raised. You keep jerking but nothing is happening, so I reluctantly agree to show off my legs in pantyhose. I ask if you like masturbating so close to mommy. I can see that you’re enjoying yourself but I’m growing increasingly patient. I spread my legs so you can stare at my panties, as my attitude alternates between sexy & angry. I see you’re getting close to cumming, and you ask if you can cum inside me. I can’t believe my ears! My son is insane, thinking I would do something like that. But finally I am so sick of waiting for you that I pull down my pantyhose & panties, and I encourage you to cum inside mommy. I simply can’t be late for dinner.
Cum for Mommy’s Pantyhose
You’re doing your homework in the kitchen when mommy comes home from work. I begin preparing dinner & notice that you’re not concentrating. I know you won’t be able to finish your homework until you cum, but I don’t have time to entertain you. So I take off my pants, revealing pantyhose beneath. I tell you to start jerking, and I continue making dinner, ignoring you most of the time. Occasionally I tell you to stroke faster. Then dad calls & while I’m talking to him I smile at you & show off my legs. When I get off the phone I tell you that dad will be home in one minute & you better cum fast.
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