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one saturday afternoon i’d been outside doing some chores and like any normal eighteen year old i was always horny. mom and dad called us into the bedroom and said, “we’re way over due about teaching you and your sister about sex,” they said almost apologetically. “your sister will be leaving for college soon and we need to teach you both about sex.” a small flash of reluctance went through me as i was hoping, when i finished my chores, that i could go into my bedroom and jack off to relieve the sexual tension that i always felt. lately i was jacking off at least once a day and sometimes even twice a day to satisfy my needs.
mom was nude and sucking my father’s cock…she moved to the bed and asked us both to strip. she then illustrated the proper technique for a blowjob to vanessa using my cock. mom looked awesome and i was in no position to say no. next was vanessa’s turn. i was amazed at vanessa’s willingness to suck me off and her stills none-the-less…with my cock throbbing, mom placed my cock in her mouth and then instructed vanessa to sit on it…vanessa hoped on and began to ride me…having hippie parents sure is cool…
i lay on my back with my cock standing straight up and she straddled me holding her wet pussy just above the head of my cock. mother rubbed lube on my cock before she helped sierra get into the right position over me. i’ll never forget the feeling as vanessa’s tight little cunt slipped down my cock for the first time and she began to ride me. i had a lot of sperm left in my balls so it took a lot longer for me to cum. i think vanessa had at least one orgasm before we finally did together.
my father laid mom down next to me and we watched each other have wonderful sex. mom gave me pointers as i continued to pound my sister’s ever tight and wet pussy…it didn’t take long before my sister began to violently thrust her whole body toward my penis as i fucked her. she was moaning loudly and clawing at my back as our bodies slapped together in a frenzied race for satisfaction and pleasure. vanessa cried out with a series of garbled words that turned into a high-pitched squeal as her body began to shudder violently as she started to cum.
mom wanted to taste our cum and had vanessa kneel down beside her…mom and vanessa took our cocks in their mouth as they gave us an amazing blowjob…i came in vanessa’s mouth and she immediately swallowed my load…then dad finished in mom’s mouth…mom looked at vanessa, tilted her head back and then dropped his cum into vanessa mouth…vanessa swallowed with a smile and then licked the extra drop off mom’s leg…
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