Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Last Chance – PART 2 – The Unfortunate Orphan FullHD 1080p

Step-Mommy Fires has a special surprise for her new “Step-Daughter.” She brings her in and tells her to cover her eyes because she has a big surprise for her! A moment later she tells her to open her eyes. And there before her was her Real Step-Mom! Alana couldn’t believe it! She had not seen her Step-Mom in years! They hugged and cried! It was something wonderful to see. They spoke briefly before Miss Ashley told them she wanted to take a picture to capture this joyous occasion. After some quick catching up Miss Ashley told them it was time to fulfill their end of the deal. They both looked confused. She had explained the situation to Alana’s Step-Mom but she might not have understood what she was demanding. Miss Ashley explained that she wanted to see them Kiss and then have sex with each other. They both looked shocked. But Alana’s Step-Mom still didn’t understand. Alana explains that they have to do it because the state placed her there under Miss Ashley’s care. And if they didn’t do what she wanted then Alana would be sent to jail. Her Step-Mom shook her head in disbelief. How could she ask such a thing of them? Alana asked her new Step-Mommy if they really had to do it. Miss Ashley smiled and pushed their heads together and told them to kiss. After a few wincey kisses Miss Ashley told them to make it way more passionate or her little girl would be in jail at the end of the day! She then makes her Step-Mom watch her little BB girl lick her Miss Ashley’s cunt. Then she makes them both suck her cunt. Now it was time to make her Step-Mom lick her long lost step-daughter’s sweet wet pussy!

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Last Update: 18/11/2021
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