Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Last Chance – PART 1 – The Unfortunate Orphan FullHD 1080p

Alana was waiting to meet her new Step-Mom. She knew this might be her last chance to have a fresh start. In and out of the system for years she was faced with the possibility of becoming another statistic. Miss Ashley introduces herself and explains to her that she was in charge now. And if she acted out that she would let the judge know and she would be back behind bars within hours. Alana couldn’t help herself and started to give Miss Ashley some attitude. And Miss Ashley was having none of it! She grabs her little Orphans face and tells her she was a pretty girl but that kind of talk would not be allowed. She then explained the rules. First she was to call her Step-Mommy. Then told her to take off her clothes. She had a strict dress code in the house. All her girls only wear what Step-Mommy tells them to wear. In Alana’s case it was just be her panties. That was the second rule. Third was that she would have to do anything Step-Mommy wanted her to do. Simple. She then told Alana to get washed up for dinner. After everyone was finished eating Alana being the new girl would have to do the dishes. Her Step-Mommy saw her using too much soap and decided to punish her. She spanked her till her round ass was nice and red. Then grabbed a large wooden soup spoon and began to spank her bottom with that! When Step-Mommy was satisfied her new little girl had enough she told her to get ready for bed. And she must read before bed. Alana was in bed reading the required book that Step-Mommy gave her when she heard noises in the next room. It sound like Step-Mommy was having sex with one of the other girls. As Alana listened she started to touch herself. Just then the moaning stopped and Step-Mommy started to walk towards the room. Alana quickly got back into bed as Step-Mommy opened the door. She suggested that Alana reads her new book “The Happy H**ker” and she should touch herself. It’s the way Step-Mommy likes to read. She helps her rub her little pussy as Step-Mommy reads from the book. Alana tells her Step-Mommy that she is not a lesbian. Step-Mommy smiles and says that we are all lesbians here! Step-Mommy tells her that she will be trained to please men and women. In fact that training will begin now. Step-Mommy will teach you how to make girls cum. But first Step-Mommy is going to make you cum.

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