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Mommy’s Special Christmas Gift HD (720p/2016)

Added: 12/21/16
I wanted to make Christmas something my son would never forget, and never want any other way. Special. Romantic. Now that his father is gone, it’d be just the two of us. We could give eachother the love and attention we both craved.
My sweet boy watched as I bashfully modeled the Christmas Eve gift he got for me. I struggled to contain my massive bosom in the silk nightwear. Even though it was a few sizes too small, I felt sexy for the first time in ages. And it would all be for him… only him.
I kissed my boy goodnight. Again… and again, planting my grateful, loving lips all over him until he kissed back. His tongue slipped inside of my mouth. I had no idea he knew how to kiss like that… but I liked it. No, I loved it. Then I felt it, as my body straddled his, the only reciprocation I needed – my son’s hardening cock.
Such a horny boy… did he get me undersized nightwear on purpose? To see my full breasts come popping out of the lacy top. To feed a son’s lust for his very own mother. My fingers found the tight silk against my bosom and pulled down, exposing my dark nipples. I stroked them gently as I made him promise not to touch himself before Christmas morning. I had something very special for him… but he had to be a good boy all night.
I should have realized that my poor, horny son wouldn’t be able to supress his excitement for that long, not after such a tease. He pulled my lingerie down in the night and I awoke to him stroking his stiff, sensitive penis over my naked breasts. I couldn’t bare to see him pent up like this, aching for relief… aching for his mother. Such a naughty boy… My lips found his swollen cock head, parting to take the length of him. My son’s penis… filling my mouth, pressing and throbbing against my tongue.
I wanted to taste him… I needed to. More than that. I needed to show him how much I love him. To offer my womanhood to him on Christmas morning, to give myself to him the way he has always wanted. It was a mother’s special Christmas gift to her son. And it would be our little secret…
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