Molly Jane – What To Do for a Job HD ( 720p/ 2014)

Scene One: Ask Mom for money
Molly has started working at her fathers business. Even though she was just hired she goes to her daddy and asks for a raise to go on a trip with her friends. Frustrated her father tells her to asks her mom.
Hey mom, I need some money? Molly says. Cory tells her she will just have to earn the money. She asks her daughter ?Why don’t you strip out of those clothes?. Molly hesitantly strips naked for her mom. She is embarrassed when her mom asks her to lick her pussy. Getting to her knees Molly licks her mom’s pussy. Cory moans and throws her head back as her daughter grabs her tits and makes her cum. Coming down from her orgasm Cory tells her to get a fifty from her wallet and get dressed before she goes to work. Molly leaves angry that she didn’t get enough.
Scene Two: I need a raise daddy
Molly goes into work and asks her dad for a raise again. Her dad tells her the bad news. The company is downsizing and that they will have to let her and all the new hires go. You can’t do that? Molly says. I will do anything? She looks desperately into her daddy’s eyes, needing this job and raise badly. She starts to take off her clothes in front of her shocked dad. She desperately sucks on her dad’s cock knowing this is her one chance to keep her job. Hard, he licks his daughter’s pussy making her wet and horny. Molly moans loudly as her daddy fucks her,. Her tits bounce and her body is fill with his cock.
Scene Three: How bad do you want that raise
Daddy bends her over doggie style and with his hand grabbing her ass he fucks her. She cries out as he grabs her hair and drills her. He slides his finger in her ass, making her want to explode from so much inside her. Ow? she says. You haven’t earned the job yet? her dad says having her get on top of him and ride on his cock.
Scene Four: Daddy’s cock in my ass
Her dad instructs her to get on her back and spread her legs. Molly’s confused look goes to one of pain as she cries out Ow ow ow! when her daddy puts his cock her her ass. He grabs her perfect tits and makes her scream. Straight from her ass he has her suck him off making Molly both disgusted and turned on from being used. Fucking her until his cock is ready to explode, he has her get to her knees and take his huge load into her moaning mouth. She shows daddy the load before swallowing it all down. Good news and bad news he tells her. You get to keep your job but you will have to do this every Friday, Now get back to work? Yes sir! Molly replies in a weak voice and leaves to tell her friends the bad news.

Duration: 00:35:10

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