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You come in already playing with your pussy. “Hey son, how’s my little good boy doing? I see you came to visit me from college”, you say as you crawl onto the bed. “Did you miss me? I sure missed my sweet little boy.” “I missed you so much Daniel” You lean in and kiss me, then you hug me, where all I can see is your tits/cleavage. “Oh, I love you sweetie. I remember when you liked to rest your face on my soft boobies, in between my sexy cleavage, and I know you still do my little sweetheart Daniel.” Whisper sweet nothings in my ear, how much you love, care for me, and how much you want to be with me. If you have binaural sound, it would be great to take advantage of it. You look into the camera, “I got a surprise for you, my good little boy.

I remember how you used to love taking mommy’s milk, and I know you still do. Let mommy take care of you. Go ahead and take some. My boobs are filled with milk, I saved it up just for you. I only let you take my milk.” Take some whip cream put it on your tits. I want a lot if you can please. Then, do a close up acting like I’m drinking all you milk. “Mmm, isn’t it yummy? Doesn’t mommy’s milk taste good?” You say this as you rub it all over your chest, tits, and maybe stomach. “Want mommy to feed you mouth to mouth like I always do? Anything for my good baby boy.” Put some whip cream on your tits, then suck on both of your nipples till they are clean, then you fill your mouth with cream and then let it slide out of your mouth falling onto you tits in between your cleavage. “That’s my good boy, my sweetheart, nobody can pleasure me like you can Daniel. “Oh my god, sucking on mommy’s tits made my little boy hard, didn’t it. I’m so proud that you get hard for mommy. Don’t be ashamed, it’s perfectly natural.” You take a dildo (my dick) and start stroking it. “You’re so hard, you’re even bigger than daddy. I’m so proud of you sweety.” You start sucking on a dildo. “Mmm, you taste so good.” You sit back with your legs closed. “Now son, mommy’s got another surprise for you.” you smile. “I think you already know what it is.” You open your legs “I’ve been so proud of you lately, you deserve my vagina, you always deserve every bit of my mommy pussy sweetie.” you say as you spread your pussy lips. “I know you love peering into mommy’s gaping holes and fucking them making me stretch.” You lean into the camera “I know you always want to fuck mommy, you’re always horny for mommy. It’s okay, let mommy take care of you.” Suck on the dildo, gag a few times if you can. You lean back so that your whole body is in the shot. Tease my dick with you pussy lips, then start fucking it. You can switch between leaning back and riding it, as long as you full body is in the shot, and you’re always facing the camera. I love clit rubbing while dildo fucking, boob play, and dirty talk especially telling me that you want me to cum. Say my name, call me Daniel/Danny. When you cum, moan my name loudly saying Danny until you finish cumming encouraging me to cum too. Compliment me on how good it felt and how much better it was than daddy. Tell me that you love me, care for me. Lean into the camera and kiss me, then lean back and kiss the dildo. Tell me I can fuck you anytime because mommy loves me. Your last line is, “Whenever you are stressed out from college or work, you can always come and fuck mommy.My holes are always ready for you. Oh, I’m so proud of you Daniel.” Then, kiss the camera
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