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Missbehavin26 – Aunt And Nephew Best Vid Ever – Our Happy Canadian Family HD mp4

1 You open the door and greet me with a kiss and say thanks for keeping me company while your uncle is away, now follow me and i’ll show you to your room.I follow you upstairs trying to look up your skirt. I look up your skirt and down your top whenever i can,making the bed, helping you put shopping away etc. 2 you say that my uncle is away for the weekend so its just the two of us why don’t we pretend we are eating out and get dressed up for dinner you wear a low cut top and short skirt [not too short maybe a little black dress with stockings and suspenders]

i say you look amazing auntie and you blush saying please call me Kelly auntie makes me sound old 3 during dinner i drop a knife on the floor and go under the table your legs are slightly open and this is where i fantasize about you [this is a daydream sequence] i close my eyes and imagine you saying have you found it i say not yet you open your legs slowly and say i bet you’d like me to take my knickers of for you. After you remove them you spread your legs and say “like the view?” then i open my eyes to see your legs are still closed. You say haven’t you found that knife yet.I get up all flustered and spill my tea down the front of my trousers you tell me to stand up while you dry me off you are kneeling in front of me wiping me down when you notice my hard on you look up at me and smile.This is when you suspect that i have been fantasizing about you. You say “i’d better take a look to see if you’ve burnt yourself” when you take my trousers off you have a much better look at the bulge in my boxer shorts smiling as you wipe me down.
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