Last Update: 25/06/2022

Miss Penny Barber – Putting the Groceries Away Hard HD 720p

You have fun going out, sweetie. Step-Mommy will just run errands and then find some way to relax by herself. You’re gone when I return from the grocery store and realize that I subconsciously purchased VERY phallic produce. Alone and desperately horny, I proceed to fellate and fuck the bounty of “cocks” I’ve brought home — until you show up and catch me completely naked with a carrot in my ass on the kitchen counter! I’m so embarrassed, honey. What will it take for you to keep this a secret? Oh… you want to help Step-Mommy “relax.” I take your big beautiful dick out and play with it using my hands, my mouth, and my big tits. You bend me over the kitchen sink and give my pussy the pounding it’s been aching for. After a powerful orgasm, I get down and let you cum in my grateful little mouth.

Duration: 00:43:53

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4