Tessa Fantasies – She Caught Him And Will Never Let Go FullHD 1080p

Hi just curious for a quote on a custom. It’s a little different. It would be with tia
The idea is the Venus fly trap. It would be a short clip – about 9 minutes.
> Executrix,
> Post orgasm torture, Femdom sex, scissorhold,
> Impregnation

You’re walking by your apartment when you hear someone crying out for help. You enter the room and Tia is in lingerie and black stockings and “tied” to her bed looking vulnerable. She’s covered in a shiny substance. The bed is blocked off on all sides except at her feet. You say you’ll get help but she cries for you to not leave her. You try to get the “rope” off her foot and it will not come off. She lures you by saying there’s a above her head.
You tell her not to fear and you go for the , but little do you know she’s got you in her trap. Suddenly, she wraps her arms and legs around you tightly. You struggle to get free but can’t. Her “rope” was a vine and now has your wrists and ankles. She smiles gently and says “if you want to get out you need to pollinate me” You struggle harder and freaking out, so she “helps” you get your pants off and enter her. It feels so good and yet painful as she tightens her grip slowly with every breath you take she squeezes a little more and doesn’t release. You cum inside her and she feels
energized and pollinated. But she doesn’t let you out of her and laughs that you are going to be in her forever as her as she squeezes you and fucks you harder and harder. You scream and the camera fades out.
The key here are the angles. and lights since I’d rather have it a little darker.

Duration: 00:09:18

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4

Last Update: 18/11/2021
Category: Mesmerize, Limp Fetish, Control