ROBOMEATS – Alexa Raye – Good Time Timestop HD 720p

Alexa has been leading Eric and John on for weeks and they’re beginning to get annoyed about her little miss innocent behavior. They’re all together, with their friend, Birdy, watching videos, when, once again, Alexa turns a cold shoulder to their advances. Birdy is even annoyed now and gives the guys a special watch, one that can stop time, to put an end to the ice queen act. The men can’t believe their luck and play with it for a bit, posing Alexa with her legs spread, grabbing her boobs, taking her panties and tasting her bald pussy. When they unfreeze time, she closes her legs, shocked at her embarrassingly brazen nakedness. Confused at what happening, the guys just stop time and go back to playing with her helpless body. They take turns shoving their dicks into her unguarded mouth, entering the tight pussy that she tried so hard to keep them out of, and generally using her like their own personal fuck toy. She is so small and helpless that they pose her, strip her and lift her with ease, wetting their cocks inside of many of her now open orifices. Finally, they can take no more, John flooding her snatch with his baby batter and Eric coating her chest with his man goo. I sure hope she’s on birth control. When they restart time, everyone but Alexa has a good laugh, while she is mystified by why she is naked and dripping with sperm.

Duration: 00:20:07

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4

Last Update: 18/11/2021
Category: Mesmerize, Limp Fetish, Control