Primals FANTASIES Pristine Edge & Khloe Kapri – Lesbian Conversion – Mesmerize, Magic Control HD [720p/]

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Pristine and Khloe are having a nice quiet Sunday on the couch watching TV, enjoying each other, and having a little make out session, when the doorbell rings and interrupts them. Pristine gets up to go answer the door, but when she opens it, she finds a creepy man who just looks her up and down and says “Oh yeah, you’ll do nicely”. Pristine, confused and slightly offended, starts to yell at him while closing the door in his face. But before she closes it all the way, he reaches his hand in and touches her forehead, causing her to fall under a trance and abide by his command.

Khloe walks in to find her girlfriend sucking the strangers dick. Freaking out, she walks up to him screaming “who the fuck are you!?”, and shoves him back. But he reaches forward after catching his balance and puts her under his mind control too before she knows what’s happening. A minute later, he has her slapping her ass in the corner, while Pristine continues to suck his dick.

After he cums all over Pristine, he commands them to follow him to the bedroom. He then has both the lesbians suck his dick, and fucks both of them to complete the conversion.
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