Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Wonder Girl – Broken Will HD (720p/2016)

Added: 9/4/16
Wonder Woman is recovering from injuries of an epic battle. She has entrusted her power items to her protege Wonder Girl. The young superheroine is determined to be worthy of WW’s faith and sets her sites on arch-villain Lex Luthor.
Wonder Girl follows up on a series of leads and tracks down LL to a rundown gym. Luthor and his assistant are occupied in conversation and Wonder Girl walks up and with great confidence demands Luthor’s surrender. A battle ensues between Luthor’s assistant Mercy Graves and Wonder Girl narrowly gains the upper hand as MG hits her with multiple surprise attacks. Wonder Girl is ready to take Luthor by force However LL is not without his own surprises and he is able to take WG down with a rag over her mouth.
Now WG is chained up and Mercy Graves interrogates her, wanting to know the secret of how to make Wonder Woman’s magic bracers, belt and lasso work. WG is defiant as MG questions her while forcing to cum over and over beyond human endurance.
WG wakes up still securely chained but calls on great Hera and is able to break free. She doesn’t get far before she is attacked with ko gas. MG was ready for her.
Now WG wakes up chained to a hospital bed. The does of gas was nearly lethal but LL has other plans for her. He Uses his mind-control device one WG repeatedly while forcing WG to cum over and over. Each time WG falls more under the villains control until she goes into a mindlessly obedient trance.
LL unchains her and commands her for his pleasure, both while in a trance or helplessly compelled to obey WG must follow every order even till her mouth is dripping with the villains load.
WG has been LL slave for countless days. She has her power items back but cannot use them against Luthor. Even more humiliating is the skimpy new uniform she is forced to wear. WG is between begging and demanding to be set free of Luthor’s control but the villain just laughs and demonstrates how much control he has over her, using her as his fuck slave until finally satisfied he covers her pretty young face in cum.
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