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Primals Custom Videos – The Legend of Zelda – Link Falls to the enchantment of Ganandorf HD wmv

The blowjob lasts for around 10 minutes. He instructs her to finish him with a titjob and she is too seduced to say no. She gladly titty fucks him and talks like a slut. He cums with his penis between her tits.

The king of evil is not finished with his new lover. He picks Link up and starts to fuck him in doggy style. Link says “Please stop, Oh it feels so good. What am I saying? I’m suppose to be the Heroine, but it feels so good being the Heroine of Sluts”. Link tries to fight off the seduced status, but slowly gives in to the pleasure. Ganondorf starts to spank Link which makes her sluttier. Then Link rides Ganondorf in cowgirl and switches to reverse cowgirl while cumming in both positions. Once he has enjoyed the Heroine’s pussy, he puts her back on her knees for one more titty fuck and he cums on her breast again. Link summits and becomes Ganondorf’s personal slut.
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Duration: 01:00:25

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: Windows Media