Last Update: 28/04/2023

Primal’s Mental Domination Tiffany Watson – In your Dreams FullHD 1080p

Every Friday night a regular at the lounge Tiffany bartends at hits on her. Every night she tells him, “dream on” “in your dreams” “You can dream about it” . She doesn’t think much of it until one night he starts showing up in her dreams…
First – after him making a “joke” about her masturbating when no one is around she dreams about masturbating right in front of him.
The next Friday he makes comments about being guys should at least get a hand job after being there all night and then sure enough she dreams abut jerking him off.
On the Friday night she finds him in the VIP after last call and he complains that if a guy spends the money for the VIP he should at least get a blowjob, and of course that night she has an intense dream about sucking his cock.
Friday comes again and as she calls out last call she hears him answer from the back of the club. She is instantly turned on. I mean, if she keeps dreaming about this guy there has to be a reason, she might as well give in to what her subconscious has been telling her for weeks…

Duration: 01:38:00

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4