Last Update: 18/11/2021

Mind Under Master – Kinsley Kane, Natalie Brooks – Rent Free SD mp4

The apartment is tiny, but once the landlord hears the girls are students at the local college he offers them the first three months free. He says it makes him feel like a step-dad to help young ladies out. Natalie doesn’t trust it and makes Kinsley swear if this guys does one creepy thing, they’re out.
— They never see him, be he’s always got an eye on them. Each night when they go to bed he runs his program and each night they moan and writhe repeating “I am submissive, I am docile, I am obedient” until they cum. Night after night this happens until the girls are subconsciously turned on each time they crawl into bed. They suck on their fingers and rub their pussies as they moan and beg, but this time when they climax they open their eyes to see the other and kiss. Natalie has a confession but before she can say anything Kinsley responds with “You’re in love with our landlord”, she knows because she’s in love with him too. They want him to be their step-daddy. They want to be his good little girls. They want to show him how much they love him and earn his love in return.

— The next day they invite him over for step-father’s day, dressed like the sexy little school girls they are. They make out with him, fighting over who gets to kiss him, sharing kisses and then start sharing his cock. They suck him off until Kinsley climbs on top of him, she rides him while Natalie licks his balls. Then step-daddy takes Natalie from behind while Kinsley kisses his neck and whispers in his ear. They crawl over to the bed so step-daddy can fuck them one more time before they suck all the cum out of his cock. They beg, the plead, they promise to be good girls, they just want to earn his love and to prove their worth.

Duration: 00:47:03

Resolution: 844×480

Format: MPEG-4