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So, My Cousin Vinny got me this job at a stock firm crunching number for some DICK HEAD rich guy. Vinny has been there for awhile and does pretty well for himself so he decided to try and get me a job when his best friend moved away to Jersey. So it was like my second week when all of a sudden the Boss’s step-daughter came into the office after her day at school. She was hot as fuck and I wanted her bad. Vinny could tell that I wanted that ass and then he told me he knew a way for me to fuck her. I thought he was all bullshit, but then he told me about some micro-chips that he and his best friend had bought down in china town. He told me that he had a chip that could control people’s minds. Of course, I thought he was pulling my leg, but then he pulled out a blinking chip from his pocket and a tiny remote control. After that he called the Boss’s step-daughter over to his cubicle and he somehow talked her into slipping the chip into her ear. After that it was all over a=because she turned into a mindless sex robot. I proceeded to fuck her six ways from Sunday while My Cousin Vinny watched me. After I was done using her as a sex doll I shot my load all over her face. Monday I’m gonna use it on his wife. Then I’m gonna get a raise.

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