Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Molly Jane & Cory Chase – Nude Cop vs Gangster Girl HD (720p/

Added: 9/15/14
Scene One: Shaken officer
Officer Jane has gotten a tip on the location of an assassin of a local gang. This could be a big break in her young career if she can bring in this wanted criminal. Calling her on the phone Jane tells her that she is going to arrest her. The assassin has a better plan, a match between the two of them. Jane can bring her and Cory will bring a knife. Officer Jane needs this collar so she agrees.
Nervously Jane walks into the assassin’s house, her shaking. Cory fearlessly walks to the officer. “Put your hands up” she says. Cory quickly grabs the and throws it out of Jane’s trembling hands. Jane is paralyzed in fear, shaking all over while Cory strips her. Cory taunts her, removing the shaking officers clothing. With her uniform around her legs Jane tries to cover up, Cory giving her a big kiss and running her hands over her body. Cory licks Jane’s big tits and she breaks her paralysis “No” Jane shouts and runs. “I’m coming to get you” Cory says and hunts her through the house. Officer Jane backs into a hallway and waits with her at the ready. Cory sneaks out from the other room and stabs her. “How does that feel” Cory laughs. Jane falls onto the floor and is dragged into the bedroom.

Scene Two: Fun before the end
Officer Jane wakes up tied to Cory’s bed and in huge amounts of pain. “looks like you lost” Cory says playing with Jane’s tits and kissing her. “I’m going to have fun with you before I you” Cory taunts, lubing up a dildo.
She slides the dildo inside Jane and fucks her with it, making Jane scream out in pain and humiliation. It’s time to end this. Cory rolls on a condom laced with poison onto the dildo. She straps it on and fucks the poor police officer. It works best when her victims cum and Cory does her best to force Jane to orgasm. Officer Jane can’t help herself, cums and . Cory leaves her tied up for her fellow officers to find.

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