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Bare Back Studios – Cory Chase, Luke Longly, Clover Baltimore – Family Remote Control HD avi [720p/Incest 2019]

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Scene One: Found Frozen
Luke’s sister, Clover, is staying with him and his wife, Cory, for the week while she visits them! Clover walks in to the living room to find Cory sitting in a chair by the window and she seems to be frozen. Cory is sitting very still with her mouth wide open and she is completely unresponsive. “Cory?? Hello?! Where is your husband?! What is going on with you?!” Clover asks her, but she doesn’t get a response. She pulls Cory’s big tits out and starts to suck on her nipples, hoping to get her to respond… but she does not! Luke walks in to the room and explains to Clover that this is Cory’s punishment for not being a good wife to him. Any time she does something that he doesn’t like, he just freezes her with his magical remote. “You know… this remote can work on other people too!” Luke starts to tell Clover, as he points the remote at her and yells “freeze!” Now both Cory and Clover are under the remote’s spell. Luke pulls Clover’s shirt up, exposing her big tits. Then he takes Cory’s hands are places one over Clover’s breast and the other hand on top of her panties. He moves their hands again so they each have one hand over each other’s tits. He puts Clover down on her knees next to Cory. “Hey Clover, how do you feel about your brother putting his wiener in your mouth!?” he asks Clover as she is still unresponsive. He takes his already hard cock out of his pants and shoves it in Clover’s mouth for a blowjob. Then he decides to unfreeze them both to let them figure out what on earth just happened…

Scene Two: Programmed Sister
Luke walks in to his sister’s bedroom while she is taking a nap. He has the magical remote in his hand so he points it directly at her and chants the command “wake up!” She instantly sits up in her bed and stares straight ahead. He points the remote again and says “remove your top!” Clover lifts her t-shirt over her head, exposing her big tits in front of her brother. “I can’t believe my sister has better tits than my wife!” he says to himself. Then he orders her to remove her shorts and spread her legs. He points the remote at her again and demands “rub your clit until you have an orgasm!” She does exactly what she is told! He tells her to get in the doggy style position next, so he can fuck her pussy from behind. “You, me, Cory, and my little remote are going to have a lot of fun this week!” he tells her. He fucks her in the missionary position next and demands that she give herself another orgasm while he fucks her. He unfreezes her for a second and she yells “Luke! What are you doing?!” but he freezes her again a moment later. He ends up cumming deep inside of her pussy and leaves her to put her clothes back on and go back to sleep like nothing ever happened…
Scene Three: Ungrateful Sister
Scene Four: Horny Wife and Sister Programmed
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Duration: 00:44:40

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