Amateur Boxxx Sloan Harper – Coach Controls School Girl & Fucks Her 4k 2160p

Coach Jmac is a total creeper. He’s had his eye on his favorite student, Sloan, for quite some time. During class Coach always flirts and teases with her, but Sloan thinks he’s a total loser and she hates being in his class. Coach Jmac has had enough, if he wants to fuck one of his students, then he’s gonna fuck one of his students. Luckily Coach just got a package in the mail with a special Digital Stop Watch. Not any old stop watch but one that has special powers. It allows the user to mind control other humans. Coach decides to wait until after to class, when nobody’s around, to try out his special gadget. He waits until the other students leave the locker room, then he creeps in on Sloan who is half naked. She totally freaks out and yells at him to leave.Coach tells her to calm down and be quiet. Coach tries to walk over to Sloan and she quickly hides behind her locker. Sloan is upset and she tells Coach Jmac that she’s going to tell the athletic director on him. Coach Jmac doesn’t care what she says and he pulls out his mind control Stop Watch. Coach hits the button on the top and suddenly Sloan is under his control. He proceeds to mind control Sloan and he has his way with her. Coach then shoots his load all over her. Once he is satisfied with himself he gets dressed, throws her a towel and has her snap out of it. Sloan has no idea what happened. Coach does though, and now he’s gonna go fuck the entire swim team. What a beast.

Duration: 00:17:19

Resolution: 3840×2160

Format: MPEG-4

Last Update: 18/11/2021
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