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Maternal Seductions – Katana Kombat – My Mother in the Dark HD mp4 [720p/2018]

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Scene One: Mother in My Room
I wake up to see Mom (Katana Kombat) standing over me. She holds her finger up to her lips and goes, “Shhh.” She stares into my eyes for a moment; she pulls down my covers, and unbuttons my PJ top and pulls down his my bottoms. She looks at my pecker. She does the for a couple minutes. She then gets up and mounts me and starts playing with her pussy, and rocking back and forth. She cums with a small cry and walks out of my room but first she makes me promise this is our secret.

I wake up again to find Mom standing over him, smiling, lightly shaking me. She puts her finger to her lips and still smiling leads me to her darkened bedroom. Next to the bed, she lets her robe fall off, she drops down to her knees and undresses the me, gets on all fours and gives him head for a brief time. She then gets on the bed, so her ass sticks straight up. She then, demands I fuck her doggie style and then on her back! When I enter her; she closes her eyes, smiles, and makes a sound like it is really pleasurable and starts whispering in Spanish until she cums; she then jerks up and cries out, “Mijo!”

Scene Three: MONTAGE
A) Mom is sitting on her bed, naked with legs crossed. She gives me an intense look of glazed lust. She is reaching forward with her hands out giving me a handjob.
B) Mom is lying lengthwise on the couch fully naked in the darkened living room. She crooks her finger to signal me to come to her. When I gets close, she raise her legs straight up and spreads them. She guides me to enter her, she closes her eyes and lets out a little grunt with his every thrust.
C) Mom my bedroom. She indicates for me to come close, but stops me at about an arm’s length away. She tells me to fuck her hard from behind letting a cry when she cums.

D) Mom is standing in the hallway wearing only a bathrobe. She pulls out my cock and tells me to start playing with myself. She then stands against the wall, drops her robe, she tells me to fuck her till she cums
Scene Four: Before Dawn
I wake up in Mommy’s bed with Mom laying next to me, smiling and staring at him. She smiles and guides my hand to between her legs. She makes me masturbate her while she plays with her tits. She closes her eyes tightly and gets really red-faced. She whispers in Spanish and specifically whispers, “Si, si, mijo.” several times. This goes on until she cums with a cry and her eyes pop open. She smiles and closes her eyes like she is going back to sleep.
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