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Lilly Rader, Jack Vegas, Anthony Hardwood, Jax Slayher – Daddy with Friend Rape Daughter Part 1 [1080p/2018]

Unexpectedly Surprised
Lily is getting ready to leave for work. She is in a robe finishing her hair and make up. One final check in the mirror and she leaves the house and gets into her car.
When she is gone, two guys break into her house. They see her sex toys, but don’t find anything of much value. Then they hear her car returning. She had forgotten her phone and came back to get it.

As she comes through door, one man is hidden behind door and she doesn’t see him. She walks into bedroom and sees the other man standing there. She screams and runs into main room toward door but finds that way is now blocked by the first man. She screams again and tries to run away but is quickly caught.
A fierce struggle takes place, until she is finally choked unconscious.They both play with her limp body including raising her skirt and rubbing her pussy and breasts One man goes to get a stun gun and cuffs out of their car. She wakes up and struggles more while they undress her.

The cuff her, stun her, subject her to forced oral and spanking. Finally one man begins to fuck her, and they drag her into the bedroom for more.
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Duration: 00:39:52

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4