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lilcanadiangirl in My Brother Blackmails Me – big smile on my face FullHD 1080p

Daddy is taking my car away and I express how mad I am to you. You can tell I’m really upset that I can’t see my boyfriend later. I convince you to go talk to Daddy, since you’re his favourite. You leave the room for a while and come back with good news! You got Daddy to give my car back. Im so happy and tell you I owe you one. I decide to go shopping and when I come back you are still in my room. I ask what your doing and you tell me you want to start the deal. I start acting like a brat and ask what you want. You tell me you want to see what I got at the mall. Now I get embarrassed and tell you No, its lingerie. You remind me of our deal and I have to agree or else you could change Daddys mind again. I pull out the lingerie and show it to you, but you want me to put it on. I think you’re being a total weirdo now, you shouldn’t see your Sister in lingerie… But I have to agree. You don’t even leave the room which pisses me off but I put it on for you anyways. After I show you the lingerie on my body you randomly get your dick out. Im so grossed out to see my own Brothers dick, I can’t believe you would do this. You remind me of our deal once again and tell me you want it sucked. Im really reluctant to do it, but I have to agree. I start sucking your dick and you can see how mad I am, I even tell you that your dick is smaller than my boyfriends. Then I get a phone call from my boyfriend and turn around to talk to him. You use this to your advantage and start poking my pussy with your cock, then it just slides in. I moan really loud on the phone and have to tell my boyfriend Im feeling sick and wont be able to see him tonight. I get off the phone and you continue penetrating me. I start to like it and moan even more, then I beg to ride your cock. I was lying when I said your cock was smaller, its much bigger than my boyfriends… I just couldn’t believe my Brother has such a huge dick. You let me ride you until you fill my pussy up with all your cum. I let it all spill out with a big smile on my face.

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