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Leg Seductress – Foot Worship Mandy HD (

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Custom request. I would be interested in a Legs Fantasy clip where you are a powerful seductress who collects men for her own pleasure and you have captured me and are going to seduce me and make me yours by simply crossing your amazing legs. Perhaps you can start by talking about how easy it was to capture me: We met in a bar where you drew me in with your legs when you saw that I was noticing them. Once you had me close and in your arms you held me so that I couldn’t get away. You gave me a kiss with spiked lipstick that rendered me . Iand you then brought me back to your place with no one the wiser. Then you walk in and stand over me. Here you can talk about how you captured me and why – you collect men and make them yours. In doing so it makes you more powerful and more beautiful. We’ve already established that you’re too strong for me, so physically I’m already yours, but you need to make me yours in mentally as well. Now that you have me to yourself, you will cross and uncross your legs slowly until I am yours forever. If you could, please use possessive terms like “You’re mine”, “I’ve got you”, etc. You have a gift to know what weakens a man and you knew that legs were my weakness and that’s what you’re going to use to make me yours. You then slowly sit in your throne and begin to slowly cross and uncross your legs. Just savor the moment and you can close by telling me that I belong to you now or whatever comes to mind.

Duration: 00:08:49

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4