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Kingsley, Aiden Valentine – Kingsley Family Taboo Sex – Family Bonding HD [720p/2018]

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This clip includes: Kingsley, Aiden, brand new family, stepbrother/stepsister, on a family vacation to bond after their parents got married, have to share a bed, uncomfortable undressing, awkward, stepbrother moves closer & stepsister feels his raging boner against her, disgusted, tells stepbrother it’s okay to jerk off to get rid of it, stepbrother wants help to speed up the process, handjob, sloppy blowjob, finds out stepsister is a huge slut, makes a deal with her so she can teach him how to please a girl, groping, riding, cowgirl, missionary, fucking, sex, making out, kissing, clit rubbing, finger sucking, cum on body, cum on chest, cum in hair, cum on face, cum in mouth, facial, have to be quiet since parents are in the bed beside them, interracial, black & white, big cumshot, taking virginity, sex ed
In an attempt to have a closer bond, Kingsley and Aiden’s parents thought it would be a good idea for the new family to go on vacation. After having a wild night out, their parents are from having a few cocktails, leaving the brand new step-siblings to share a bed.

“You can’t touch me when I sleep,” Kingsley says uncomfortably undressing in front of her stepbrother. “I’ll put this in-between us,” she continues building a pillow wall in the middle of them. Kingsley gives Aiden a disgusted look when he mentions that he sleeps naked, but tries to ignore it, scooting herself towards the side of the bed.
“Well, I don’t have a pillow,” Aiden complains removing Kingsley’s pillow fort so he can have a couple. Unable to sleep, he laughs at how their parents are both in the bed beside them, and then attempts to fall asleep. He scoots closer to Kingsley, and Kingsley’s eyes jolt open as she realizes her stepbrother’s hard cock is against the back of her body. “Back up, back up – that’s gross,” she says pushing him off of her.

But in a desperate attempt to sleep, Aiden pushes up against her again, which causes Kingsley to get more frustrated. She tries to not let it bother her, but when he wraps his arm around her, she can’t handle it. “It’s not like we’re related,” Aiden comforts her. “If our parents didn’t get married, we’d just be two regular people.”
Aiden’s thoughts start to go to a weird place, and although he tries to push them away, he can’t help the fact that he still has a raging boner. “I need to just, like, jerk off or something,” he tells his stepsister. She tells him to face the over way and to do whatever he needs to do, but once Aiden starts stroking, he has a hard time focusing. He looks back over at Kingsley and mentions the idea of getting a little “help” to speed up the process. “If I just had some help, we could get this over with,” he says. “You can pretend I’m your boyfriend or something.”
“I’ll help, I just won’t look at it,” Kingsley says wrapping her hand around his hard cock. She jerks him off, but Aiden isn’t quite satisfied, knowing that even with her help, it’ll take a while. He suggests that she uses her mouth, and when she says no, offers to exchange a favor (doing her homework for a week) for the blowjob. Once they agree on something, Kingsley wraps her mouth around her stepbrother’s cock, only to find out that he has never had a blowjob.
“It’s not that weird,” Kingsley tries to reassure herself. But Aiden wants more – he wants to learn more. In fact, after Kingsley tells him what a huge slut she really is, Aiden makes a deal with her to keep going so he can really learn how to please a girl. She teaches him how to fuck a girl, reminding him to be quiet because their parents are in the bed beside them.
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