Katy Faerys Forbidden Fetish Films – Home For The Holidays: Naughty Dacey Harlot Sexually Corrupts The Whole Family FullHD 1080p

Part 1- “Seducing Uncle”
Your sexy niece, Dacey Harlot, sits back on the couch…excited to see you after all this time. “Can you believe you’re my Uncle? I’m all grown-up, now.” Dacey tells you that you look good, and to not be nervous around her. It’s Dacey’s birthday, and she wants a special present from her Uncle. She starts to strip off her clothes… slowly pulling each item off. Dacey starts to rub her pussy with her fingers, and notices that you are already getting hard. “Uncle, you make me so wet.” Dacey lays back and rubs her pussy on the couch, as you watch. Dacey tells you to stroke your cock as she lays back and plays with herself. “Do you like seeing your niece’s pussy?” Dacey tells you that this is the best birthday present an Uncle can give. She continues to rub her pussy, and moans as she watches you stroke yourself. “Do you want to cum with me?” Dacey counts down so you can cum together, before everyone else comes back inside. She counts down from 10, and you both cum together.

Part 2- “Taking Away Lil’ Step-Bro’s Innocence”
Your big Step-Sister, Dacey Harlot, sits down on the bed.. “Hey, Step-Bro! What’s up?” Dacey asks if you had fun at her birthday party today. You can see Dacey’s nipples right through her shirt, and she doesn’t seem to care. “Have you even lost your virginity yet?” Dacey laughs, and asks why not. Dacey offers to show you, and she starts to strip off her shirt. You are hesitant at first…Dacey is your step-sister! However- You can’t resist how hot she is, and you give in to her temptation. Dacey strips off all her clothes, and asks if you have ever had a blowjob. Dacey grabs your cock, and starts sucking. “That feels good, doesn’t it?” You lay back and Dacey climbs on top of you. Dacey rides your cock, “I’m so lucky to take my Step-Brother’s virginity, myself!” Dacey moans as she rides you. She gets on her knees, and tells you to stick it in. You fuck Dacey from behind, pounding your Step-Sister’s pussy hard. Dacey flips over on her back, and you fuck her on top. Dacey begs you to cum with her. “A step-brother-step-sister cum!” Dacey moans as you fuck her, and you both cum together. “Don’t tell Step-Mom and Step-Dad…It will be our little secret.”
Part 3- “Fucking Step-Daddy”
Katy knows you love her sexy size 7 feet. Her tasty little toes. Katy also knows you would love to watch her rub lotion all over her lovely feet. She grabs the lotion, and gets her soles nice and wet. Katy slowly rubs the lotion on her feet. “Do you like my sexy red toes?” Katy gently rubs all over her soles, massaging her toes, and heel. Katy knows you’re just dying to worship them, rub them, and feel them. “How much do you love them?” Katy gets more lotion, and rubs it on her feet. She rubs the lotion in-between her toes, and all over her feet. “I bet you’re jealous of my hands right now, aren’t you?” Katy rubs the outside of her feet, moaning in pleasure as she rubs them. Katy gets more lotion, and rubs it all over the tops and bottoms of her feet. Katy wiggles her toes, showing off their bright red color. Katy tells you that she’s going to finish rubbing her feet….and you can go away. “Maybe another day you’ll get lucky.”

Duration: 00:26:16

Resolution: 1920×1080

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