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Kate England – ASSercise: POV Taboo Assjob – black spandex, stretching, treadmill FullHD mp4 1080p

While your parents have gone out to an art show, you & your older sister Kate are left home alone to keep yourselves busy. Kate idea of keeping herself busy is getting a work out in on the treadmill. Your idea of keeping busy? is watching as her ass and hips bounce as she takes each step. She catches your gaze on her movements and at first is grossed out. Well, if youre going to perv on me the least you can do is help me stretch.. though helping her stretch is the last thing on your mind, and as youre helping her with her hamstrings you cant help but take the opportunity to take a grab at your sisters plump ass.

You know my glutes are really tight, maybe you can massage them out a little bit.. your hands explore the curves of Kates ass, gladly assisting. Your dick gross hards as your fingers squeeze, the outline of her tongue peaking out through the material of her gym pants. So are you massaging me ass, or are you foundling it? Im not idiot, I see you watching me all the time.. and its true, youve wanted to feel your Sisters ass in your hands and more for some time now, but youve always figured it for simply a fantasy. Well it seems your sister, plans on making your fantasies come true, but with a bit of trouble attached. If you dont want me to tell mom and dad about this.. take your cock out; I want to see what your packing. Your sister teases and taunts your hard cock as she slowly moves her body and giggles her cheeks. If you want to slide your cock in between them, shes going to make you work for it. But the reward? Is more than worth it once you feel your cock sliding, and wedging between her slick ass. It seems mom & dad need to venture out more often.
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Duration: 00:22:15

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4