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Scene One: Online Job
Mom is at her laptop in the kitchen, fully clothed, talking out loud to herself as she stumbles across ELM. “wow – maybe I could earn some extra money doing this.” etc. Mom decides to take a few pics for her profile, and looks around, then says, “while I’m home alone, might as well.” and takes off her shirt, and then bra. she’s about to start, and then says to herself out loud, “maybe I should do this in my bedroom just to be safe.”
Mom is in the bedroom. walks in topless, and takes some topless shots/selfies. Son walks in accidentally while she’s shooting, and both are embarrassed. Mom covers up and Son quickly leaves.
In the kitchen the next day after breakfast. Mom and Son fully clothed. Mom explains to Son what she was doing. they could use the extra cash. Son understands, and offers to help if she ever needs someone to help take pictures. mom works up the courage to ask him if he’d help out later that day, he will. Son helps take photos of mom topless. In the living room that is attached to the kitchen. It’s awkward, and Mom is afraid he wouldn’t want to see his mom naked, but They take the pics. Mom undresses to panties only, and photos taken as she poses standing, then on all fours, and kneeling. Mom thanks him as she puts her shirt and bra back on.
Scene Two: We Need to Go Deeper
The next day. Mom comes in fully clothed to kitchen, tells Son the user loved the pictures. She got a request for more photos. She reads her phone to him of the next request, which asks for photos as if she’s giving a blowjob. It’s a lot of money, and Son says he would pose if she wants him to. It’s just posing. Mom asks him if he’s sure he’s ok with it, and he says yes. Mom confirms with Son: “Son, you mean that you are ok with posing together with me? I would be topless again, and you’d have naked so your penis would be in the photos and you would have to be erect as well.” Son says he is ok with it.
In her bathroom, alone, mom is touching up her makeup/hair in front of the mirror. She’s in a bra and panties. She’s talking to herself, well, I can’t believe I’m doing this. What kind of mom does this with her son, asks her own son to pose naked and erect while his mom pretends to perform fellatio on him……”
In the bedroom, fully clothed, Mom enters, and asks if he’s ready. They both undress. Son has a cellphone to take pics. They pose in 10-15 various poses simulating a blowjob. Mom has his cock near her open mouth, but not touching in any pictures. They start to take pictures, but Son is not erect. Mom awkwardly suggest he should be erect: “um.. Son? I think that you need to be in an erect state for the pictures. Son says sure, and mom awkwardly waits there while he strokes himself for a minute. Mom thanks him for helping out.
The next day, Mom approaches Bruce in the kitchen, both fully clothed. “The user didn’t like the photos, as they looked staged. The user has asked for pictures that show her actually giving a blowjob.” Mom asks if he’s ok re-shooting, and if he’s ok with posing so that his penis is positioned insider her mouth to look like a blowjob. Son says it’s ok.
Scene Three: Crossing the Line
In the bedroom, Mom and Son get undressed to re-shoot. Mom says as she notices him as he undresses, “oh….good – it looks like you’re already semi-erect.” They do the same poses, this time mom poses with his cock in her mouth each time. Several times throughout the shoot, Son pretends to have an issue getting the camera to work. She’s waiting posing with his cock in her mouth. “Son, did you get the shot Son unexpectedly cums in his mom’s mouth, causing her to cough/spit up cum. She is shocked, “oh my god, Son!” and runs to the bathroom.
The next day. mom fully clothed, approaches Son as he’s watching TV in the living room. They make small talk for a bit, and then Son changes the conversation, telling his mom that he’s sorry for ejaculating in her mouth yesterday during the shoot.
Mom, not angry, but says to him. “Son, it’s ok. I was just surprised. I didn’t know what to do when all of a sudden my own son was ejaculating in my mouth. Is it safe for me to assume that you were actually enjoying it?” Son says, “um…yeah, mom.” She tells him that the user loved the pictures and gave a huge tip. Mom has a request for another blowjob photoset, that ends in a cumshot. She asks for his help, and he is more than happy to help.
Scene Four: 40 Pictures
The next day. Mom got a request for a blowjob photoset, with 40 shots of her walking around post-cumshot. Mom strips, and blows Son, he cums all over her face. Then she leaves cum on her face, and poses for Son as he takes photos throughout the house (in the kitchen, living room, bathrooms).
Scene Five: Mom is My Girlfriend Now
Mom approaches Son as he’s watching TV on couch. “Son, thanks for helping out all of these times. I thought I would say thank you – just figured you might enjoy this without having to shoot photos for once.” Mom takes off everything but her panties in front of him, then kneels before him on the floor. Before she starts, she smiles and tells him, “if you’re going to cum in my mouth this time, just try and give your mom some advance notice.” She blows, him keeping eye contact with him as she does it. Throughout the blowjob, Son is enjoying it. He’s continuously telling his mom, “mom, oh my god this feels incredible. Every time you do this, it gets better and better. You have no idea how good this feels.:
Mom stops to catch her breath, and says to him. “I’m just glad you like it and I wanted to tell you, it’s ok if you want to cum on my face.” She continues, and he asks to cum on her face. she agrees, “I bet you never imagined you’d be ejaculating on your mom’s face a week ago.”
They got a request for a handjob photo-set. Son lays on bed while mom jerks him off while topless, her boobs are visible jiggling.
Living room. kitchen and living room. Some parts of scene shot from backyard looking into living room. Mom blows Son till he cums all over her face and into her mouth. Mom Swallows and thanks Son for not make too much of a mess.
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