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Jerky Wives – Cory Chase, Luke Longly in Step Mom is Tricked and Stuck FullHD 1080p

Cory is wondering where I am getting all of my money from lately, so she starts to snoop around. She finds a bottle that is labeled “MILF Glue” and a stack of $10,000 in cash! I suddenly walk in to my office and I ask my step-mom what she is doing touching my money! “This is YOUR money!? What are you talking about!?” my step-mom laughs at me. “What is this MILF Glue supposed to even do!?” she asks me. “If a MILF puts it on her hands, it will stick her to anything she touches!” I tell her. Cory continues to laugh at me, assuming that this is a joke. “I’ll give you every penny of that money if you try it out for me and it doesn’t work,” I tell her, since I know that it definitely will work! Cory laughs as she pours my MILF Glue all over her hands, and then she sticks them down on my desk. “What the Hell!” she starts to scream. Her hands are suddenly stuck to the table and she can’t move at all!

I walk behind my step-mom and I start to pull her blue bathrobe off of her body. I try to expose her ass and her tits, while she is still stuck! I whip my hard dick out and I shove my dick inside of her pussy, since there’s nothing she can do to stop me now! I keep fucking her pussy but she insists on trying to get herself unstuck on her own. I go back to fucking her pussy, since I might as well continue to take advantage of my step-mom while she can’t move! “I’m trying to NOT enjoy myself!” she cries out, as I keep fucking her. I trick her by pretending that I got her hands unstuck, but then I flip her over in to the missionary position as I shove her hands back down on the table again! Now that she’s stuck again, I fuck her pussy again in a different position now! “You’re just using my body!” she exclaims. “Will I get all of that money if I let you do whatever you want to me?” she asks me. “Sure, we have a deal!” I tell her, as I shove my hard cock inside of her ass next!
I agree to help her hands get free, but then I offer to double the money if she’ll keep letting me fuck her ass some more! “Fine! I really do need the money!” she admits. She walks back over to me and she hops on top of the desk, so I can keep fucking her ass hole in the missionary position. I fuck her ass and pussy back and forth now, since I am about to pay my step-mom $20,000 and that’s a lot of money! I keep fucking her ass and pussy back and forth, using her holes for my pleasure. When I get close to cumming, I make her get down on her knees and I cum in her mouth and on her face. “Now you have to swallow my cum that landed in your mouth!” I instruct my step-mom. “Do I really HAVE to?!” she asks me, with a disgusted look on her face. “Yes, you have to swallow the part that is in your mouth if you want the money…” I remind her. She gives in and she swallows my cum!

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