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Jerky Wives – Cory Chase, Jmac – Family Bonds Forever FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

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Scene One – Massaging My Brother
Cory’s brother has been working out too much and he pulled a muscle in his shoulder. Cory offers to massage him since she took some physical therapy classes. She runs her hands over his chest, “Your pec muscles are getting so big!!” JMac responds by asking her “What are you doing?? You’re my sister!” but Cory doesn’t see a problem with it and she offers to get some massage oils because it would help him with his pain. She comes back and unbuttons his shirt, insisting that this is just to avoid getting any coconut oil on his shirt! She massages his arms, shoulders and back; She suddenly decides that it would be best if she took her shirt off as well, because she doesn’t want to get any coconut oil on her shirt either… and she still has her bra on! Then she tells him she has a special technique that she thinks will work even better.
She gets down on her knees and unbuttons his pants… “but you’re my sister!” JMac exclaims. “It’ll be our little secret,” Cory tells him. “Just sit back and relax!” she tells him, as she takes his big, hard cock in her mouth. She sucks his cock while simultaneously jerking him off with her hands as well. She pulls her bra off, revealing her big tits. She sucks his cock until he eventually cums in her mouth and she happily swallows it all! Now it is time for the two of them to go back to work!

Scene Two – Crazy Sister
JMac’s house is under construction so he is staying at his sister Cory’s house for a few weeks. His shoulder is still hurting him, and Cory offers to help ease his pain the same way she helped him the other day… since her husband is busy at work, just like he always is. JMac can’t resist his sister so he easily gives in. Cory begins to rub her brother’s shoulders while moaning “maybe this time we can take it a little farther!” The two step-siblings begin to passionately kiss each other and strip out of their clothes.
Cory gets down on her knees and begins to give her brother a blowjob, until she decides she wants him to titty fuck her. She spits on his cock and rubs her big tits up and down on his hard cock. “Why don’t you jump on top?” he asks her, and she sits on top of his big cock. JMac fucks his sister hard on top of her kitchen table. Then they get in to the 69 position, “I wanna taste myself on you!” Cory exclaims, while JMac licks and sucks on his sisters clit. They start fucking each other on top of the kitchen table. “You are one dirty little sister!” JMac tells her. She eventually begs him to cum all over her pretty face and that’s an offer he just can’t refuse…! Now lets hope her husband doesn’t come home from work early!

Scene Three – Sisters Touch
Cory walks into her Brother’s room to check in. He is fully erect and rubbing his shoulder. She asks how he is doing, without hesitation, Jmac says he cannot jerk off or anything. Cory feels sorry for her Brother and offers to lend a hand and take care of his boner situation. She pulls it out and starts to suck…After a couple of minutes, Jmac says he needs something else to bust his nut.

Cory then slides her Brother’s big cock into her tight milf pussy…Jmac then fucks his sister in multiple positions until he cums inside her. Magically his should is healed and he has forgotten about all the shoulder pain. Cory walks away satisfied unlike she has ever felt before…
Scene Four: Cheating Revenge
Jmac walks into the living room to find his sister upset about something. Before asking what is wrong, he thanks her again for letting him stay so long while the construction continues at his house. Cory does not immediately respond and he asks what is wrong…
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