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Jerky Wives Cory Chase in Step Mom Wants a Massage and Anal Sex FullHD 1080p

Step Mom Wants a Massage and Anal Sex
I am minding my own business, trying to watch some milf porn when Step Mom walks into my room. I quickly minimize the screen so she cannot see what I am doing. Cory wants a Back Rub and I just want to rub one out alone. She offers me a deal to give her a back rub and she will keep quiet about what I was doing.
I agree and she takes off her top. That is not what was expected but I just went with it. There she is half naked on my bed and asking if I am into older women. She then slides her panties down and wants me to rub her ass checks. I do the one thing any horny guy would do, pull my dick out and rub it on her ass checks. Don’t know if Cory is into Anal but she is going to get it!

Never knew my Step Mom was an anal loving Slut! She even let me go Ass to pussy!!! Secrets are great, especially when your Step Mom Swallows cum!

Duration: 00:23:56

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