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Added: 9/7/15
Cory’s son is a real tough nut. He committed a serious crime and she reported him. He ended up going to a prison for young offenders. Now he has escaped and come to get revenge on her. The scene starts with Cory being slyly watched – voyeuristically. This is Cory’s son already in the house, concealed, waiting to make his move. Suddenly the phone rings, Cory answers it and discover that her son is loose. Just after Cory hangs up and go to lock the door Cory’s son springs out on her.He has a go at Cory as she pleads with him to calm down and not do anything rash. Eventually he makes her kneel and suck his cock. Then he rips her top exposing her breasts, before he fucks her in several positions (while taking a few photos with his phone). Cory resist a little throughout – but it’s clear that her body is loving the experience. In the end her son mocks her as she cums on his cock. Then he tells her she better not report him this time. He’s going to hide out in the basement and she much aid him – otherwise he’ll disgrace her by spreading the photos he took online. Shaken, tearful, she agrees. It looks like her son has got her just where he wants you.
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