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Scene One: Helping Mommy I lead you to my bedroom. I take off my bathrobe and lay on the edge of my bed. I ask you if you think I am beautiful and if you want to make Mommy feel good. I smile when you say yes and I spread my legs. I guide your hand between my legs and have you masturbate Mommy’s pussy while I give you a loving smile/look. I don’t speak but I close my eyes as my breathes begin to come faster and shallower until I come with a small cry. After that I open my eyes and smile at you.The next day I lay on the bed face down cross-ways with just my head hanging over. I tell you that you made me feel so good and I want to do something special for you. I reach out and start masturbating you. I do a lot of dirty talk while telling you how much I love your dick and how good you make me feel, asking you if you like fucking Mommy… After a couple of minutes of this I give you a blowjob until you cum in Mommy’s mouth.
Scene Two: Playing with MommyI spread my legs and play with Mommy’s pussy while telling you how much I like fucking my little boy, how much I love your little cock, etc., until I come.Scene Three: First Time with MommyYou are probably wondering why Mommy is dressed like this. Well it is time to make you a man today. Let me see your penis. It is so cute, don’t worry if you think it is small, as you get older, it will grow.Now place your penis into Mommy’s vagina. I know you want to make Mommy happy and this makes Mommy very happy. Don’t stop till you are finished but do not finish in Mommy’s vagina, finish in my mouth. You do not want to get Mommy pregnant.
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