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Jerky Wives – Brad Knight, Cory Chase – Mothers Emotional Investment HD mp4

Mom is in bed slowly touching herself, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy. “Hey mom, what are you…” Her son says walking into the room. They both freak out, mom covering herself yelling why he just walked into her room without knocking. “We will talk about this later” Mom says and catches her breath after he leaves. The next day her son comes to talk to her about what happened. “I just wanted to say I think that was kind of hot” He tells her. “You shouldn’t think about stuff like that” she tells him that she’s his mom. He asks her for a quick kiss and leans in kissing her hard when she goes to kiss him. Mom pulls back “that was enough” she says clearly freaked out. They both go to their rooms, uncomfortable. Later that day mom and son cross paths again. “I was thinking about what happened earlier, and I was thinking we could kiss again” Mom says hesitant and with knots in her stomach.

Reluctantly the son agrees and they kiss, the kiss becomes passionate as they lose themselves in each other. His hand slowly reaches up to her breast and she pushes away from him “I said just kissing!” she yells at him. Embarrassed he runs back to his room. They have both been thinking of that kiss all night. Both mom and son can’t sleep so they sneak out of their rooms and go to the living room. “I don’t know if I want to do this or not” Mom says and they slowly kiss. She rubs her hand on his crotch feeling his cock get hard. His hands hungrily feel for his mom’s pussy and she softly moans. “Your so hard” she says jerking her son. She can’t believe she’s doing this but soon finds her son’s penis in her mouth. She sucks him with all the passion and naughtiness of what she is doing. She knows she should not want this but can’t help herself. Suddenly she stops “What am I doing, your my son. I can’t do this to you” she says and leaves upset with herself.

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