Jenni Knight 24 – Tug Your PeePee to Mmomys Big Boobies FullHD 1080p

The Story I’d love a 5 min video about “mommy’s big boobies” in an encouraging, nurturing tone. And for your face to be in the shot if possible! Standing up or sitting down would b great and maybe you’re wearing panties or no panties… Outline / general idea: You’ve noticed that I’m always peeking at your big boobies…I’ve been a very good boy so I get mommy time and you tease me, taking off your top, then your bra. You encourage me to touch mommy’s big squishy boobies, give me a big booby hug, etc. and tell me I can take out my pee pee, oohing and ahhing, then letting me tug my pee pee while I look at mommy’s big boobies. Look how big your pee pee is getting for mommy’s boobies! Since I’m such a good mommy’s boy, you jiggle your boobies for me. I love how big and squishy they are. When I was a babee, you couldn’t get me off the boobie! Now even though I’m older you’ll feed me again with your boobies, and I can keep touching my pee pee. More feeding then…be a good boy and release for mmomy. Cum for mmomy’s big boobies and I’ll clean it up for my boy. Good job, sweetie!! Mmomy’s boobies will always be here for you. Maybe next time I’ll show you mmomy’s tushy… Thank you!!

Duration: 00:05:45

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4