Last Update: 16/01/2022

ImMeganLive – The Family Heritage – Complete Taboo Story HD 720p

This is an amazing story and an outstanding video which took me over 30 hours of work to build this! I am very proud of this, it’s definitely a must watch! Here’s the plot: My parents are very rich (millionaire), unfortunately for them, I am the kind of girl who thinks only of partying and fucks with the first comer, at the least a bit cute. They keep on comparing me to my step-brother, who is very serious and hardworking. I never stop arguing with him and making him feel uncomfortable by showing off my generous curves and by calling him a virgin (I think he’s a virgin). My two parents passed away recently and I am certain of inheriting a few million. Unfortunately, my parents left all the money to my step-brother and he alone can decide whether I will receive it or not. Knowing the cold state of our relationship, I suspect that begging him will not change anything. However, I am not ready to back down right away. I then decide to give myself to him for a fiery fuck. I tell myself that this is not a big deal. A cock is a cock, no matter who it is and especially if it can allow me to earn 2 or 3 million! However, I will soon discover that my little step-brother hides much more than that in his pants and this will take unexpected turns! What secrets is my step-brother hiding from me? How far will I go for my heritage? Will I get what I deserve? How does this ends? This complete story will answer all of your questions and much more!

Tags: strip tease, face fucking

Duration: 00:29:46

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4