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Hotasiansensation – Fuck Mommy After Her Failed Date FullHD 1080p

Daddy’s gone away again on his business trip and mommy’s just out there in need of some cock. I come home after one of my failed dates to find your still up son. You ask if I’m okay? Acruallt son ‘No I’m okay, your dad always goes away when he knows how much I need sex, so I go out on these date and most of them are loser’s but I just want to fuck but they basically tell me I’m too forward, I need to slow down… I don’t get it! This is what all men want isn’t it, no strings attached, good sex!! So what do I do now that I’m all horny and no man….. Hmmmm well son your here and I’m here all horny… That’s right… You going to fuck mommy! I start by taking my big titties out so you can suck them son, just like when you were younger… Then I tell you to get your cock out… Oh my! Son you have definitely grown… I start sucking your cock son, feels so good to have that cock grow harder in mouth… I look into your eyes and tell you how you remind me of daddy.. He looks at me just like while I suck his cock! I can’t believe I spent my night on that date that went absolutely nowhere when you were here all along. I lay down and pull my dress up, told you I had no panties on… Come and lick my pussy son, start by licking that clit.. Then tongue fucking that tight hole for me… Oh yes son this feels so good.. Make me explode in your mouth. Now mommy want to ride your cock son.. That’s it let mommy take you deep into her wet pussy, suck on mommy’s titties while I ride you and come all over cock. After I cum all over your cock I want you on top of me, pounding mommy’s pussy untill you cum inside me.. Yes son I want all your cum inside me, please give it to me, cum inside me. Next daddy goes away I won’t waste my time with anyone else now I have you to fuck son.

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