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Hot Juls Fetishes – Naughty Vacation With Step-Mommy HD 720p

The vacation with the woman you love the most: Your hot step-mom!
We walk in the house after going to the beach. I’m feeling relaxed and happy. I tell you how much fun i am having with you here, this special summer vacay, without your step-daddy. I’m so happy you could come with me. “oh no, you look totally sunburned. After i take a shower i will put some lotion on you. Go ahead and take a shower too so we could go out to dinner”. You couldn’t help yourself but be a little sneaky pervy boy and spy on step-mommy while she is taking a shower. Your “young” curiosity and non-stop erection is taking over your life. You know it’s wrong to sneak on your step-mom but you can’t resist you hot body, the way she smiles at you, loving and warm.

Next Scene: “I knew you were spying on me. You know it’s wrong! But i’m not here to scold you. It’s out summer vacation and we should just enjoy our time here” – i Say. I only have a towel wrapped around my naked body, applying lotion. I ask you all about your sex life and if you’ve ever touched a girl. Your answer was “No!”. Oh, my inexperienced boy, i can’t allow you to go back to school being a virgin. We must fix it.
You weren’t sure where this is going but suddenly your step-mom started to act all horny, flirty, maybe she had a few cocktails earlier… After a few minutes she finally tells you that she is here to help you to lose your virginity. “Come here sweetie, would you like to rub some lotion on step-mommy’s tits? Don’t be scared. I’m your step-mommy and i know BEST. No girl would ever compare to me!”. After playing with your moms hot tits, she offers to apply lotion on your hard cock. She is so turned on sliding her warm hands up and down your slippery cock.
Next scene: I get on a couch and totally naked i tell my step-son to bend me over and fuck me hard. I tease him with my sexy curves, small shaved pussy, round ass. I know he can’t resist me and that’s my advantage….Followed by lots of hot POV fucking, orgasms and finally my step-son’s first cum shot inside my pussy. Warm & sweet, i take my time licking his cum off my hand. “Do you want to fuck your step-mommy later again? You are a man now!” .
You will remember this vacation with step-mommy for the rest of your life…
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Duration: 00:22:17

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