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I just sat down to watch television after doing my homework and my mom comes home nagging me. Damn, Im trying to watch tv mom. I already did my homework. Blah, blah, blah, this bitch will not shut up. Nagging about my homework and how dirty the house looks. Man, she is tripping! Fine, you want to see my homework? I will show you my homework! I grab her by her head and force her mouth down on my cock. I face fuck her and shut her up. After a couple of minutes of gagging on my dick, I bend her over the coffee table in doggiestyle and pound her pussy. Wow, I think my mom is starting to like this, she begs me to fuck her harder and tells me I fuck better than dad. What a slut! I fuck her hard until I cum deep inside my moms pussy. There, now you saw my homework!

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