Last Update: 26/05/2022

Harley Sin – Mom Smells Sons Cum FullHD 1080p

Your mother is cleaning your room. She goes into your drawer and finds a pair of HER panties. At first she’s not sure what she’s looking at.. is that CUM? She’s repulsed, should she just put them back, or sit you down for a chat? She decides she definitely will talk to you. But something happens when she’s looking at that creamy cum.. she gets this need to… smell it.. Once she does, she can’t help herself. Every time she smells your cum, she get’s more turned out. She knows you’re going to be home any minute but she can’t stop it. She touches herself in your bed! She’s holding her panties, smelling your cum and rubbing her pussy. She hears you come home and quickly stops.. but you can see the wet spot on her panties she’s wearing. She tells you to come in. You come into the room and wonder why your mother is sitting on the bed like that. Why is she looking at you that way. You notice the panties she’s found in your drawer. She tells you it’s normal, lots of boys have sexual feelings about their own mothers. She tells you she’s always known your a pervert. Who wants to fuck his own mother. You really are a motherfucker, aren’t you? Your mother wants your cum, put that seed in her belly, so you can be a daddy and a son XO

Duration: 00:20:25

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4