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Dear Diary,
The night of my 18th birthday I was getting ready to go out and have some fun and my boyfriend called to say he was on his way. Part way through our call my Grandfather called on the other line. He invited me out for my birthday and I couldn’t say no. When I told my boyfriend I was going with Grandpa he started yelling at me so I dumped him. I’d rather spend the night with grandpa anyway.
I had been having fantasies about my grandfather as you know and the thought of going to dinner with him made me quiver. While i finished dressing I couldn’t help but touch myself and wonder if he felt the same. I guess I’ll find out tonight….. wish me luck.
Dear Diary,
After a yummy dinner we went back to grandpas for my “present”. We pulled into the garage and Grandpa put his hand on my knee. When he did we started kissing and things got pretty hot. Grandpa led me in the house and crackeda bottle of sparkling cider to celebrate. We toasted and kissed then Grandpa pulled up my dress and started nibbling my naughty spot.
Grandpa made me cum right there in the kitchen then he undressed me and stripped before leading me to the couch. I took his manhood in my tiny mouth and teased him a bit. It was soo much bigger than my boyfriend I almost choked but grandpa was very gentle and understanding.
He sat me on his lap and had me slide down his cock feeling his hardness fill me completely. Grandpa played with my tiny breasts and my pussy til I came pretty hard. Grandpa suggested we head to the bedroom and I eagerly led the way.
Grandpa laid me on the bed and made love to me gently, kissing me with every thrust. We made love in several positions and when I couldn’t cum anymore I finished grandpa with a blowjob that made him cum all over my face. We kissed passionately again and I got us both some cider to toast our special night. I hope grandpa meant what he said about me being his only girl from now on, I love being spoiled!!
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