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Goddess Victoria – Riley Stewart – Son’s Birthday Surprise HD (720p/2015)

Added: 10/3/15
This clip was a custom requests. Script Guideline:’SceneYou enter my bedroom wearing a bathrobe fully covering your body. I am standing up so the camera is at your eye level.”Hi sweetie””I asked your dad what we could get you to make this your best birthday ever””He jokingly said we could get you a prostitute””I told him that would be really expensive””If we want to get him laid for his Birthday, well, I can take care of that””Your father looked shocked that I would suggest such a thing””He thought about it a little more then reluctantly agreed””He gave me 2 rules. He said we have to use a condom and this is a one time thing, never again””I agreed, so here I am” You open your robe and drop it to the floor. Underneath you were wearing some sexy and skimpy lingerie that your boobs are almost spilling out of. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” (big smile) You slowly walk over to me and take my dick out of my pants. You start to slowly stroke it as you talk to me. “Now I know how bad you want this. I know that you jerk off to me every day””I want you to really enjoy your birthday present””So to make the experience last, I’m gonna give you a quick blow job, to get that first load out” You go down on me for about 30 seconds making some sucking sounds (or you could just do a quick fade out just as you go down and fade back in you coming up), then come back up just as you are swallowing. You start stroking me again. “I’m really good at that””Now I know your father said we have to use a condom, but do you want to use one?””I mean it’s your birthday, don’t you want to really feel me?””If you promise to pull out, I won’t make you wear one.””Good, now follow me” Fade out and fade in to you lying on your back naked. “Remember to take your time and concentrate on how good I feel”***Freestyle the rest of the dialog for a few minutes until I cum. I do pull out.”That was a lot of fun. I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go clean up.” Next shot is of you coming back in the room, camera is at eye level again. You’re wearing a button down shirt that is fully unbuttoned. “So, was I the best birthday present ever?””That’s awesome, I love hearing that””Sure you can ask me a question””You want to do it again?””Your father said only once.””But…..” You walk close to me and start stroking me again “It is still your birthday””You’ll need to promise me 2 things””First, you won’t tell your father””Second, you’ll last long enough so I can have an orgasm””Good, now go lie on the bed, I’m gonna ride you this time” You mount me on the bed, still wearing the same unbuttoned shirt. You don’t need to do much dialog as it should look as if you’re concentrating on getting off while riding me.Maybe some minimal dialog about making sure I don’t cum. After a couple minutes you do have an orgasm. You cool down for a few seconds. “That felt so amazing, thank you””I’m so proud that you were able to last that long””I want to do something extra special for you. I’m gonna let you cum in side me.””You’re gonna love this” This time you’re gonna do a slow and sexy grind that eventually builds up some speed. The dialog should be about you making me cum inside you.I should last no more then a couple minutes before I do cum. “Start counting down the days til your next birthday”

Duration: 00:14:25

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4