Last Update: 18/11/2021

Goddess Fiona – Stepmom Prude GF faux-cest FullHD 1080p

It is MOVIE NIGHT with your M-o-m and you are one horny boy! Why???? Because your girlfriend is just NOT treating you the way you deserve. A man like you has needs! And according to you, there is no woman more perfect to help you fulfill those needs than your super hott and sensual m-o-m! I am resistant at first because you are my s-o-n. But then you start suckling on my breasts like when you were little, kneading them, suckling…. And I start to get aroused. When you tell me about your prude girlfriend… well then I start to take charge! Nobody is going to put my s-o-n in 2nd place! If your silly little undeserving girlfriend won’t take care of you…I certainly will. Its wrong babe, its VERY wrong. But… I want to help my s-o-n. It also isn’t terrible that you happen to have the most perfect dick I’ve ever laid eyes on…. Oh goodness. I hope your girlfriend “doesn’t” find out how much you love fucking your own M o t h e r! In this video: *sexting style vid* taboo, M/S roleplay, fantasy, lingerie, POV Blowjob, POV Sex, dildo sucking, dildo fucking, lots of dirty talk, light home wrecking, dildo fuck, tittie sucking, nurturing m o m ere OTHER TAGS: younger man older woman, MILF, step-mommy domme, step-mommy fetish, MILF Fetish, taboo, taboo fantasy mommydomme, Goddess Fiona, goddess fiona, MILF, dirty talk, talking dirty, role play, faux-cest, fantasy fuck, MILF fantasy, stepmom fantasy, moaning, moaning fetish, roleplay, cock tease, sexy white girl, big titties, dark asshole, lips, lip fetish, big lips, filled lips, red lips, lip gloss, lipstick, lipstick fetish, sexy toes, white toes, long nails, nails fetish, pussy tease, innie pussy, sensual femdom, long hair, makeup fetish, eyeliner fetish, hands fetish, sexy, beautiful face, goddess, white, pale, athletic, toned body, dancer, smiling, laughing, phat pussy, fat pussy, closed pussy, brunette, sexy lips, sexy tits, titties, big titties, bouncing breasts, big nipples, natural titties, virtual sex

Duration: 00:09:13

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4