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Goddess Celine – Batman Turned Ivy’s Slave, Robin Is Next HD (720p/2017)

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”You want to rule the world but Batmanwants to stop you. (the viewers don’t see him – it’s all POV – we see things as you are Poison Ivy. You slowly begin to give him the tease of the century – he cannot take his eyes off your incredible body and you laugh at how weak you’ve made the mighty man of steel. His cock is throbbing, becoming larger with each second. You know with all the rushing into his cock, his super powers do too. All his powers are now in his semen and you are going to make him cum into a cup – drink his semen and gain all his powers! You tell him your plan knowing he will be horrified but unable to stop you. He’s too weak to resist – you are too sexy! Before long the mighty hero is on his knees, his cock is so hard he is about to cum! You take out a glass as he nears ejaculation – “what’s wrong superman? Can’t you stop me! Look at how weak I’ve made you! I can picture the news tomorrow – it’

Duration: 00:14:26

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Format: MPEG-4