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Gia Paige -Your grounded. No video games! SD

When my parents left me in charge and told me not to let my sister play any video games while they where out for the night, I came in from playing and there she is in her game chair on the bed playing her X box! I was going to tell mom and dad but she begged me not to but she had to be punished so she agreed to any punishment I wanted as long as Mom and Dad didn’t find out she was playing her game, and it had to be tonight otherwise they would ask questions and figure it out. I told her there was only one way I wouldn’t tell and I told her to scoot her but to the end of her game chair, I knew I had her in a bad way, so I ripped her pantyhose open at the crotch and she was shocked, I said our little secret, I don’t wanna do this but you have to be punished, even though I have been waiting to fuck her for the last year or so. My dick was hard so I stuffed it in her quickly before she could object any further, and I punished her good. I even went as far as rubbing my hand on her pretty face and putting my hand on her throat so she knew I was in charge, and ripped her shirt off so I could finally see her cute titties. I blew a thick load on her pussy and told hr to clean up. I even let her play her game for another hour since I felt bad ruining her clothes.
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