Last Update: 18/11/2021

Fiona Dagger – Sucked Off By Your Step-Sister HD 720p

You’re dozing in the early morning when your step-sister wakes you by trying to sneak into bed with you… She says she can’t nap any more in her room, can she nap in here with you for a while? You say she can as long as she doesn’t disturb you. But it’s not long before you feel something strange – is she touching your cock through your boxers!? You demand to know what she’s doing but she shushes you and tells you to relax. Soon she starts touching you again, saying why do you have a boner if you don’t want it to be touched? You try and tell her that guys just get boners sometimes in the morning, it’s nothing to do with her, but she’s not buying it. She keeps touching and stroking it through your boxers and although you’re weirded out it feels really good, so your protests start getting weaker… She takes your cock out and starts jacking it slowly and sensuously, before starting to lick and suck it… You try one more time to get her to stop, but she can tell you don’t mean it really, and eventually you relent and tell her to put it in her mouth. She starts sucking you off properly and soon mentions that her pussy is getting really wet as she’s doing this. She takes off her top and panties and starts fingering her pussy while she sucks and jacks your cock. You can’t believe this is happening with your little step-sister, but it feels so incredible! She rubs her clit until she cums, still with your cock in her mouth, then jacks you until you spurt all over the both of you! Don’t worry, she won’t tell anyone about this… as long as you can do it again sometime!

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Duration: 00:16:50

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4