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Fifi Foxx Fantasies Sydney Paige – Mom’s New Workout Routine, POV FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

Mom was a fitness fanatic. She was always getting up early to run and to work out, so when you came into her room, you weren’t surprised to see her stretching out. “Oh hey, sweetie,” she looked up to see you standing in front of her. “I actually wanted to talk to you about something. Do you mind sitting down for a minute?”
Mom explained how important it was for her to stay healthy and in shape, and how she really needed to work out to do that. Things around the house, however, caused her to be a lot busier, so she wasn’t getting as much time as she wanted at the gym.
“So, here me out…this is going to sound a little weird,” she went on to say, “but sex burns a lot of calories, and it burns them really quickly. It’s basically like a high intensity work-out. Do you know what that is? It’s when you work out really, really hard for a short amount of time instead of moderately for a long amount of time.”

Because of that, Mom felt it’d be a super effective work-out, one that was great for her heart and for her body. “So, what would you think about helping me with that?” she asked. “No, not helping me find someone – I mean you helping me. Like you having sex with me for my work-outs so that I can have a little more time to do other things.”
You wanted to help Mom, but it was awkward. “Let me just get you a little warmed up to the idea,” she said sensing your hesitation. “See, Mommy’s got to stay in shape, and don’t you love looking at a body like that? A nice, fit body…”
“Oh, I can see you do,” she smiled. “Well, let me show you how we can incorporate this kind of work-out. See? I can pull these down, and instead of lifting barbells, I can just stroke your cock like that, and see how it’s working my arms and shoulders? I can already feel the burn. Thank you so much, honey, you’re such a great help.”
Mom continued to work out both of her arms by stroking your cock, then positioned herself to where she could suck your cock and get her exercise. Once she was satisfied with that, she stripped the rest of her clothing off, then laid back for you to penetrate her.
While you fucked her, she wanted you to lift up her body to work out her glutes. “See? It feels so good and I feel the exercise in my back,” she moaned. “This is taking hardly any time at all! Doesn’t that feel good, sweetie?” After that, she had you lie down so you could ride you.
“See, by just bouncing up and down on your cock, I’m getting my legs nice and strong,” she said as she fucked you. “And this is a class that never gets boring! And finally, we can work our cores…that’s right, just swivel, keep that core engaged.”
“Well done!” she fanned herself off. “That was quite the work-out. Thank you! I’m going to feel this in the morning…”
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