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Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Nikki Brooks – Mommy’s Loving Family, Mom Fucks Son POV 1080p

Nikki Brooks, POV, mom and son, there’s a big family reunion coming up – parents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents will be there, mom explains how she grew up in a very close and loving family, she tells you stories of how she bonded physically and sexually with her mother and father at a younger age – how they taught her the beauty of her own body and pleasured her, she also had to pleasure them and the rest of her family, free use family, it didn’t matter whether or not the relatives were male or female, it didn’t matter how young or old they were either, everyone was to love and pleasure one another and make one another happy, mom gets turned on thinking about how her parents used her, masturbation, mom masturbates, mom knows that her son will be used at the family reunion by everyone but she selfishly wants to be the first one to use him, mom fucks son, son fucks mom, virtual sex, cowgirl, riding, virtual creampie, son creampies mom, mom takes son’s virginity, MILF, older woman, first time sex, blondes, mom son, mother, family sex, dirty talk, taboo talk, fauxcest** You had a big family reunion coming up and all of your cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles were going to be there. “I want you to feel as close as I did to the family when I was growing up…” Mom began to say, “so, there’s a few things you should know.” Your family was different – they were extremely close and connected in a way that you hadn’t quite understood yet. “Growing up, we all had a special bond, a relationship that no one could break,” she explained. “My mom and dad taught me what it was like to truly care for your family and how to make one another feel good…to never doubt yourself.” It was important to go beyond the simple “I love you.” There were other ways to display affection, and what better way than physically? According to Mom, kisses and hugs released funny, little chemicals inside of your body that felt really good, and touching would do the same thing – it would cause both people to experience happiness and pleasure. Mommy told you about how her mother would kiss her on the mouth, and how Daddy would start to caress and massage her little breasts.

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