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Fifi Foxx Fantasies Ivy Secret, Sydney Paige – Mom’s Reward System: Mom & Aunt Motivate Son, POV FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

“Is he going to be able to concentrate in class, or is he going to be thinking about this?” Auntie joked as her fingers brushed against Mom’s soft body. “It’ll drive him to work harder…it’s been working so far,” Mom giggled. After undressing, Mom wanted to take things slow, so she started you off with a little show. Her and Auntie would masturbate and moan in front of you to excite you and get you throbbing hard.
“Isn’t her pussy so beautiful?” Auntie said seductively. “No wonder he’s doing so well in female anatomy…” After warming you up, Auntie pulled down your pants and started stroking your cock. “Auntie’s got a big, fat cock in her hand…” she purred as she jerked you off, now sharing your cock with Mom.
“He’s so excited…” Mom said sweetly as she watched pre-cum ooze from your cock. “Look at my tits, baby, while your mom sucks your cock,” Auntie told you. They shared your cock, flicking their tongues against your shaft, then wrapping their wet, warm mouths over the head of your cock. “So, which one of us should he take first?” Auntie asked your mom.

Auntie then proceeded to get on all fours so you could fuck her from behind first. After that, you moved over to Mom, and fucked her until you finished inside. “Oh my god, I can feel how big of a load it is…” Mom said in-between breaths. “It’s dripping out of you,” Auntie looked down at Mom’s cum-filled pussy. “Yeah, so just keep those grades up, nephew…”
“Next time we’ll have to think of something even better…” Mom went on to say. “I’m telling you…if he gets into a good college, we’ll have to bring our other sister over…” Auntie smiled. “We’re all proud of our boy.”
This clip includes: Ivy Secret, Sydney Paige, mom & aunt, mom/son, aunt/nephew, POV, mom started a new reward system a while ago to help motivate her son to do better in school, she has upped the rewards each time he’s done better – showing him her body, letting him touch her, letting him lick her, fuck her, etc., he has gotten straight A’s this time so she wants to do something big for him, she rewards him with her & his aunt, aunt is very supportive of the new reward system & will do anything to help her nephew stay motivated, mom & aunt undress one another, striptease, tit groping, they make-out, kiss in front of him, caress one another, they want to get him warmed up so they give him a little show, they masturbate in front of him, masturbation, fingering, virtual double handjob from mom & aunt, dirty talk, virtual double blowjob from mom & aunt, mom & aunt tell son how proud they are of him, son gets to fuck them both, virtual sex, doggystyle, mom & aunt get fucked, son cums inside mom, mom continues her reward system, MILF, mature, older woman, momma’s boy, lingerie, blondes, redheads, family sex, fauxcest, threesomes, boy girl girl, bgg, mom rewards son
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